I’m Currently Recording and Working on New “Los Lavaz” Album

I am very excited to announce that i am working on new music! Much different then the 1st Los Lavaz Album, which was more experimental and kind of a cluster of mixed genres.

I’ve honed in on and found my niche in Surf Rock! I love the Music, theĀ  Vibe, the Surf and the Reverb!

I’m working on several songs. Some will just be instrumentals, but i’m also adding lyrical content to these tunes along with other instruments which I’ll await to display them when the music is ready ! I’m very excited and inspired with this new material !

Some times we go through waves or swells of inspiration of energy. It seems like lately the last couple years been so slammed with building up the studio and working with different bands @ Vulcanic Studioz LLC , that it kinda saturated the love and desire to write, right outa me! I can’t and am not living to do that!

Let the summer breeze hit your face as the ocean mist fly’s through the air because these tunes are comin in HOT !

-Vulcanic Lava